Motor elastomers

Because nearly 60% of drilling motor failures are attributed to elastomer performance, we developed DynaPower motor elastomers so you can focus more on drilling and less on elastomer failure. By combining the advantages of both hard and soft rubber, DynaPower elastomers enable a more reliable power section that delivers high power without compromising durability. In environments that typically require several motor runs to reach TD, such as abrasive formations, DynaPower elastomers operate over longer drilling intervals and higher temperatures than conventional elastomers—reaching TD in a single trip.

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Deliver higher torque throughout the run

The DynaPower HR high-torque motor elastomer is a high-performance hard-rubber elastomer capable of producing 50% more power than conventional elastomers, and it demonstrates improved oil and temperature resistance as well as excellent dynamic and fatigue properties. Its high recovery shape factor enables the elastomer to maintain its fit around the rotor to provide reliable and consistent torque throughout the entire run.

Improve performance in harsh environments

The DynaPower XR extreme-wear-resistant motor elastomer is suitable for highly abrasive drilling environments and provides 8 times more abrasion resistance than conventional elastomers, without compromising the potential torque output. In addition, the DynaPower XR elastomer can run at high differential pressure, yet still perform 20% longer hours than conventional hard elastomers. This extends motor life to reduce the number of motor trips and boosts ROP by maintaining high performance at elevated temperatures throughout the run.

Make your power last longer than before

The DynaPower XP extreme-power motor elastomer delivers the highest level of power output in the DynaPower elastomer family while sustaining high ROP over long drilling intervals. It has a 10% higher pressure rating and delivers more power per stage with triple the fatigue life of conventional elastomers. Due to its thermoelastic properties, the DynaPower XP elastomer functions over a wide operating range, from 200 to 325 degF [93.3 to 163 degC], enabling shoe-to-shoe drilling in a single run.

Product Sheets

 Download the DynaPower XR Extreme-Wear-Resistant Motor Elastomer Product Sheet
 Download the DynaPower XP Extreme-Power Motor Elastomer Product Sheet
 Download the DynaPower HR Product Sheet

Tech Reports

 Download the Tech Report - DynaPower XR Elastomer Increased ROP 35% and Footage 42%, Delaware Basin
 Download the Tech Report - ROP Increased 30% Using DynaPower XR Elastomer, Niobrara Basin
 Download the Tech Report - DynaPower XR Elastomer Increased ROP 20% While Drilling Over 280 degF, Middle East
 Download the Tech Report - Extreme-Power Motor Elastomer Increased Footage Drilled by 25%, Delaware Basin
 Download the Tech Report - Motor with DynaPower XP Elastomer Increased Footage Drilled 17% and ROP 58%, Midland Basin
 Download the Tech Report - Motor Survives 16 Days Downhole in Tough Drilling Conditions, Appalachian Basin

Case Studies

 Download the Case Study - Extreme-Power Elastomer Helps Discovery Downhole Services Maintain ROP While Drilling Long Sections, North Dakota
 Download the Case Study - Extreme-Power Motor Elastomer Rivals Conventionally Lined Thin-Wall Power Section