Power Sections

Dyna-Drill power sections provide superior staying power to sustain long production hours and unrivaled mud motor performance in extreme drilling applications. Dyna-Drill power sections can be teamed with mud motors ranging from 2 7/8- to 11 1/2-in diameter.

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DTX Power Sections
High-performance drilling demands high WOB combined with high drilling torque

High-performance drilling demands high WOB combined with high drilling torque. Dyna-Drill DTX thin-wall power sections enable improved drilling efficiency by maximizing ROP, reducing motor stall risk, and providing more accurate steering with enhanced toolface control. The power output of DTX thin-wall sections at elevated temperatures and high differential pressures outperforms conventional stator configurations. The sections’ extreme rigidity promotes optimized drilling with high WOB and low rpm drop. The result is superior drilling staying power, unprecedented drilling efficiency, and unrelenting downhole motor performance in highly challenging drilling environments.

To achieve the optimal balance between stator performance and reliability at elevated temperatures, it is important to understand the dynamic nature of elastomer properties during temperature increases downhole. Job planning with DTX power sections should always include careful analysis of circulating temperature and compatibility of the elastomer with planned drilling fluids. DTX power sections can be expected to reliably deliver approximately 55 to 60% of their specified performance, even at 300 degF [149 degC]. These power sections should not be run at temperatures above this limit without first consulting your representative.