Power Sections

Dyna-Drill power sections provide superior staying power to sustain long production hours and unrivaled mud motor performance in extreme drilling applications. Dyna-Drill power sections can be teamed with mud motors ranging from 2 7/8- to 11 1/2-in diameter.

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Advanced technology from an advanced lab

Dyna-Drill Technologies’ Advanced Elastomer Lab is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to improving PDM performance. Through a regimen of continuous research and sophisticated testing protocols, Dyna-Drill provides our customers with the latest in elastomer technology.

The Advanced Elastomer Lab has developed improved stator rubber compounds and continues to study the impact of drilling fluids on power section stators to produce the most technologically advanced and efficient down-hole motor equipment in the industry. The elastomer lab carries out extensive development programs for NBR rubber compound that are produced to serve specific drilling environments. The lab also provides drilling fluid compatibility testing and advanced failure analysis services to customers.

Dyna-Drill has developed numerous proprietary formulations of rubber compounds for its products that serve specific drilling environments and can be compounded for the most aggressive drilling fluids and temperatures:

When drilling longer drilling intervals, in higher temperatures, and through abrasive environments, elastomer performance is at the heart of the operation. The Powerlast life-extending motor elastomer combines the best of both hard and soft rubbers to deliver high power and greater durability than conventional elastomers. It can extend motor life, therefore reducing the number of motor trips, and boost ROP by maintaining high performance throughout the run—all while providing greater confidence that you can make it to TD.


The NBR-HR elastomer is a high-performance hard rubber elastomer capable of producing 50% more power than the NBR-1A elastomer. It demonstrates improved oil and temperature resistance as well as excellent dynamic and fatigue properties. 


The NBR-1A elastomer is our standard high-performance soft compound that provides good oil and water resistance and excellent dynamic and fatigue properties. It can be used in power sections and PC pumps, and enables a higher abrasion resistance without compromising power.