Power Sections

Dyna-Drill power sections provide superior staying power to sustain long production hours and unrivaled mud motor performance in extreme drilling applications. Dyna-Drill power sections can be teamed with mud motors ranging from 2 7/8- to 11 1/2-in diameter.

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ESX Power Sections
High-performance power sections deliver longer mud motor life

Dyna-Drill understands that not all projects are created equal, each with its own challenges, demands, and resolutions - designed to operate at very slow speeds with very high torque, ESX power sections have been developed to address those needs.

Developed in the late 1990s, Dyna-Drill ESX power sections were designed for very slow motor drilling with rock bits in hard formations. The design also considered the needs of PDC bits, which were drilling in increasingly hard rock. Roller cone bits normally operate at slow speeds, but not high torque. In contrast, PDC bits, running at any speed, require high torque. To address the different applications, Dyna-Drill design engineers perfected ESX power sections to accommodate both operating demands -- very low speed and very high torque.

Increased penetration 83%

The ESX power sections recently defied conventional wisdom in deep Wyoming rock. There, project crews boosted ROP as much as 83%, outperforming bits running at increased motor speeds. The ESX power sections require very low pressure differential and provide speed ranges from 30 to 80 rpm, and high torque ranges from 3500 ft-lb to more than 11,000 ft-lb.

All ESX power section design parameters are verified by the Engineering Department on Dyna-Drill’s in-house 1500 hp dynamometer.

High torque on the market

Dyna-Drill ESX power sections provide the highest torque among the power sections with similar stator diameters. ESX models are available in four sizes: 4.75 in, 6.25 in, 6.75 in, and 8 in.