Life-Extending Motor Elastomer

Go Long

With nearly 60% of drilling motor failures attributed to elastomer performance, we pursued a solution that would enable drillers to focus more on drilling rather than elastomer failure. In environments that normally require several motor runs to reach TD, the Powerlast life-extending motor elastomer is the answer. The Powerlast elastomer delivers high power and greater durability—over longer drilling intervals, in higher temperatures, and through abrasive environments.


Make your power last.

The state-of-the-art formula combines the advantages of both hard and soft rubber, demonstrating 8 times more abrasion resistance than conventional elastomers, while not compromising the potential torque output. In addition, the Powerlast elastomer can run at high differential pressure, yet still perform 20% longer hours than conventional hard elastomers. This extends motor life, therefore reducing the number of motor trips, and boosts ROP by maintaining high performance throughout the run—all while providing greater confidence that you can make it to TD.