About us
Dyna-Drill Technologies has been supplying the oil and gas industry with down hole motor equipment made to withstand your most demanding applications since 1958. From design to delivery with an emphasis on strong customer service, we pride ourselves on being reliable and efficient.
From everyone here at Dyna-Drill, you can count on us.


Dyna-Drill is founded
Smith acquires Dyna-Drill and the first original drilling patent is filed.
Dyna-Drill innovates and expands

Introduction of multi-lobe power sections; Steerable motor patent filed; Dyna-Drill moves to Houston, TX.

Dyna-Drill changes hands
Introduction of the PowerPak motor and acquisition of rights by Halliburton and then W-H.
Dyna-Drill rises again
Dyna-Drill acquires the name from Halliburton and opens new facilities in Canada and Dubai.
Dyna-Drill hits the big time

We are acquired by SLB and start construction of our new facility.

You can count on us
Dyna-Drill remains one of the oil & gas industry’s best designers and manufacturers of down hole motor equipment.

Dyna-Drill facilities provide the latest technology to include: CNC machining centers, a trepanning machine, a high capacity vacuum furnace, state-of-the-industry product testing laboratory, and an advanced elastomer and quality control measure laboratory.

The Dyna-Drill Advanced Elastomer Lab has developed improved stator rubber compounds and continues to study the impact of drilling fluids on power section stators to produce the most technologically advanced and efficient down-hole motor equipment in the industry.

Our Mision
We aim to continually set the industry standard by building the top end of a downhole drilling motor better than anyone else, while leading the market in quality and technology.

Our Vision

We envision an industry in which operators and directional drilling companies can drill longer, faster, and more efficiently as a direct result of our efforts to be as customer centric as possible.
Attention to details gives our clients the confidence and performance-guarantees they demand.
Our recently made available Matrix-3 custom-engineered coated bearings give superior resistance to wear, corrosion and mechanical fatigue. Combining innovative metallurgy and brazing technologies, the Matrix-3 coated bearings were developed to provide exceptional mud motor performance in the harshest operating environments.
Headquartered in Katy, Texas, with offices in Nisku and Dubai, Dyna-Drill utilizes the latest advances in manufacturing; computerized engineering, sophisticated machining tools and quality-assurance technologies to produce the next generation of power sections and components.