Our unique Matrix-3 coated bearings combine innovative metallurgy and brazing technologies to deliver unsurpassed mud motor performance.
Boost Mud Motor Performance
Their superior resistance to wear, corrosion, and mechanical fatigue make them the industry’s most reliable bearings, offering sustained production, even on the most demanding operations.
Customer-engineered properties
The Matrix-3 composition can be custom-formulated to perform in a wide range of operating environments. Coating thicknesses range from .020- to .250-inches and apply to virtually any shape, in light-of-sight, or out. The Matrix-3 chemistry also allows heat-treating of the bearings without affecting the coating.
Solid microstructural bonding
We bonded tungsten and other specific carbide phases with a corrosion-resistant nickel-chrome matrix to form a dense and uniform microstructure. We then fused this super-hard to the base metal to create an inseparable union which provides exceptional resistance to metal-on-metal impact, abrasion, erosion, corrosion and mechanical fatigue, thus extending performance.
Greater application versatility
The application spectrum of Matrix-3 coated bearings far exceeds the limited uses of quickly degraded thermal sprays, plating and weld overlays. Unavailable from any other vendor, Matrix-3 coated bearings outperform and outlast inherently deficient materials to ensure drilling power that lasts.

Matrix-3 Bearings Brochure