Dyna-Drill power sections offer superior staying power in order to sustain long production hours and unrivalled mud motor performance, even in extreme drilling applications. They can be teamed with mud motors ranging from 2 ⅞ to 11 ½ inch diameter.
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The Stator Life Guide

We maintain the industry’s latest and most sophisticated Weingartner milling equipment in order to contour rotors of various lengths and purposes, with precision. Our rotors are 17-4 stainless steel, chrome plated, or carbide coated for maximum wear and erosion protection. And our stators incorporate HR and NBR elastomers so they’re ready to address all of the possible requirements of aggressive drilling operations.

Extensive and available inventory

With locations in the USA, Canada, and the UAE, we pride ourselves on having our latest rotors and stators – engineered for extended performance and reliability – in stock and ready for immediate delivery, no matter where you are.

Convenience of service

With service centers in the USA, Canada, and the UAE, stators in need of reline can be delivered to our facilities easily and at your convenience. That frees you up to be able to drill longer, drill faster and produce more efficiently.

International documentation

Dyna-Drill will further accommodate the servicing of your equipment by preparing all required international customs documentation for you, minimizing the high costs of international shipping.

Exceeds Industry Standards

Once received, worn or damaged rubber is removed and relined within one of our facilities. Dyna-Drill personnel work as a team to rigorously inspect each piece to ensure the final product meets or exceeds all specifications requirements.

Fast turnaround

Our experienced personnel and reliable priority freight deliveries allow us to address your reline concerns in a productive and cost-effective way. We’ve been known to reduce the time needed for reline processing by days or even weeks.

Deliver higher torque throughout the run

The DynaPower HR high-torque motor elastomer is a high-performance hard-rubber elastomer capable of producing 50% more power than conventional elastomers, and it demonstrates improved oil and temperature resistance as well as excellent dynamic and fatigue properties. Its high recovery shape factor enables the elastomer to maintain its fit around the rotor to provide reliable and consistent torque throughout the entire run.

Improve performance in harsh environments

The DynaPower XR extreme-wear-resistant motor elastomer is suitable for highly abrasive drilling environments and provides 8 times more abrasion resistance than conventional elastomers, without compromising the potential torque output. In addition, the DynaPower XR elastomer can run at high differential pressure, yet still perform 20% longer hours than conventional hard elastomers. This extends motor life to reduce the number of motor trips and boosts ROP by maintaining high performance at elevated temperatures throughout the run.

Make your power last longer than before

The DynaPower XP extreme-power motor elastomer delivers the highest level of power output in the DynaPower elastomer family while sustaining high ROP over long drilling intervals. It has a 10% higher pressure rating and delivers more power per stage with triple the fatigue life of conventional elastomers. Due to its thermoelastic properties, the DynaPower XP elastomer functions over a wide operating range, from 200 to 325 degF [93.3 to 163 degC], enabling shoe-to-shoe drilling in a single run.
Product Sheets

DynaPower XR Extreme-Wear-Resistant Motor Elastomer Product Sheet

DynaPower XP Extreme-Power Motor Elastomer Product Sheet

DynaPower HR High-Torque Motor Elastomer Product Sheet

Tech Reports

DynaPower XR Elastomer Increased ROP 35% and Footage 42%, Delaware Basin

ROP Increased 30% Using DynaPower XR Elastomer, Niobrara Basin

Motor With DynaPower XR Elastomer Drill 186h to TD, Middle East

Elastomer Increased Footage Drill by 25%, Delaware Basin

Elastomer Increased Footage Drilled 17% and ROP 58%, Midland Basin

Motor Survives 16 Days Downhole in Tough Drilling Conditions, Appalachian Basin

Case studies

Elastomer Helps Discovery Downhole Services Maintain ROP While Drilling Long Sections

Elastomer Rivals Conventionally Lined Thin Wall Power Section


The Stator Life Guide

Dyna-Drill publishes a motor RPM and pressure differential recommendation for each model to extend stator life. Operating above recommendations deforms stator lobes, produces higher slip, and causes elastomer stress.

Elastomer Temperature Compatibility Guide

To determine an elastomer’s compatibility with drilling fluids such as oil based and synthetic drilling fluids, a fluid compatibility test should be conducted.st mechanical HP.

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